The strongest shield of Alliance in NFL Sports

In Oakland raid team to sign back Donald Penn. We will be hopefully in the next season to see Auckland is a famous and not so much offensive attack of becoming the first NFL. Last season, Oakland this offensive line ranking League sixth, far better than in 2014 of sixteenth and 2013 of twenty-third. And by comparing the score of each player last season, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the Raiders team offensive line of 5 players have scored at least 79 points, or even a team can be more than 3 people over 79 points. While the line average 82.7 score to than “Team America” the star studded offensive line 81.9 points even higher, topping the League 1. So, who is the league’s best offensive lines?When we brought the league’s top cut front, Payne’s name is not known to us as the one of the few, but his career is a bit is not ambiguous. Every season he can get a good score and total score of pavement cover. Although he was passing on the cover do is not very good, but he is two years in Oakland he is passing cover to do the best for 3 years in 2 years. And last season, his cover pass scores in the League all cut front of the 11th, but he has just released the eight quarterback pressures, only more than Joe Thomas.

Sign Payne, means that he tired still want to stay in the guard that he has been successful position. The surprise attack the new blood is the line 5 scores the lowest a, but this in a great extent by mediocre season in the Baltimore Ravens play cut front. However, through his position in the front of the strength of the strong performance of view, he is indeed a very strong road shield players.

NFL super bowl classic moment of Celebration in 2016

Last week, NFL announced the first fiftieth Super Bowl halftime show guest performers, seven time winner Coldplay Grammy. The British new generation band in the outstanding representative of the Beijing time in February 8, 2016, the 50 super bowl on the stage, for the world audience dedicated to a top sports entertainment audio-visual feast. As is known to all, the super bowl is one of the highest rated single episode television programs in the United States each year of Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale from China.

In the United States, the number of Super Bowl ratings high, more than the Major Sports League finals, the Oscar ceremony, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games and Grammy awards. In addition to Coldplay, Michael – Jackson, U2, Madonna, Beyonce, Perry, brother of mars…… Many world-renowned stars have a voice on the stage in the super bowl. At the same time, with their own performances, also constantly enrich the forms of the Super Bowl halftime show, a profound change in the temperament style. Let us review the history of the classic Super Bowl halftime show moment!When the super bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs to 23 to 7 victory over the Minnesota Vikings won the championship. Hollywood best supporting actress nomination Qian Ning witnessed the first star in the history of the show, after the 3 session of the show, the guests were served by the University band.

It is worth mentioning that, after 2 years, the money will be better with the wife of Ella, once again boarded the stage of the show.When the super bowl, the Dallas cowboys to 52 than 17 victory over Buffalo Bill won the championship. Halftime show, Michael Jackson in 3500 adolescents surrounded by singing the classic “heal the world”, Los Angeles Rose Bowl Stadium witnessed the classic moonwalk. Thanks to Jackson Michael’s classic performance, the super bowl’s ratings have increased by 8.6% over the previous year. Wholesale NFL Jerseys China And Jackson Michael to NFL and super bowl of change, has surpassed the performance itself.

NFL Sports As A Child Dream, Come Ture 2016

You played games with best child friends when you are 10 years old, remembering that all games are so funny although it’s simple but exciting.  Looking back on last 10 years, your father bought a cheap jerseys China supplier when Christmas comes. At that moment, you decided to paly NFL sports games one day in Newyork.

Time pass so slow during those years of study on campus, until you join the university team playing NCAA games.  The fierce game impressed you so much for 4 years after some injury and frustration of being beated.  Everytime you want to win, you put more efforts and teamwork spirits to your teammates.

And Time pass so quick while you are looking back, seeing that your hark working, excersizing, and competing with the opponents. Eevery second of walking, ruuning are so impressive and forgettable. You know someone from unknown, and some unkown become your friends. Your belief makes you become peaceful on all happenings, like a see tolerating all rivers.

Now as an adult, you bring up sons and daughters with your wife. And as your father did, you buy the cheap nfl jerseys Christmas gifts to your children. Time passed so fast! Let it be, let it go. And let is stay at this moment when you are gathering with your son and daughter, laughing and being accompanied. Life is like a joke, never having meanings on itself until you appreciate it. On thanksgiving day, you and your family went out to see the snow. A romantic day dont comes frequently, but it will come some day as you wish.

Buy Cheap NFL Football Jersys Online From China

Embracing the new year’s circumstance on 2016 NFL sports games across USA,  you stand at the core of playground alone across  in New york, Texas, or California. No matter where you are,  football spirit in your mind never fades since your first time watching it in 2005.  I am telling the story of American football as a fan of NFL sports.

If you are also have being involved in football sports for some years, you would know what I am telling for. Come to join me, like a soldier, fight for the battle of life. Your enthusiasm  would bring you to the next stop, such as high positions of job, new lovers on the waywith more courage.  I am a big fans of NFL sports and Cheap NFL jerseys supplier from China, as an good agent between USA and China in hottest NFL games.

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