10 Years of Waiting, A Story of Jerseys

In a crossroad of a southern provincial road, there was an odd man setting at the passage, day after day. He was so old that passer-by almost could not recognize his age and his face, but there was one thing very conspicuous, that was a jersey wearing on his body. The jersey was broken so much, but the English letter NBA still be more than clear to read. The old man wouldn’t leave, neither accept any assistance from government or personal. He was stubborn, all day long people just heard his self-talking that, “ I will wait for you forever, then we can play basketball together…”

Before long, the old man was dead, the local government held a grave funeral for him in the military ceremony. Afterwards, people knew a great story from the old man’s diary. The truth is that, the old man was a solider served for nation for 10 years last century. And there was an unforgettable experience happened on him, that’s a story about a jersey.

According to his diary, 40 years ago, he was an ordinary dogrobber in army. At that time, the army he stayed was ordered to participant in a great battle in a strange country. The fight was very hard, he and his men were suffered a lot. Nobody knew how long could they persist for this meaningless war. Among them, there was a young man, same age as him, they all called the young man as “little Jordan” for that the young man loved basketball so much that he could hold his ball even in sleep. Little Jordan always told him that he wanted to be a professional basketball player after war, and all his dreams was to have one his own jersey. Affected by Jordan so much that he begun to play basketball after battle.

Soon later, they became best friends and promised for each other that they would join the NBA together after the term of service. However, in a fierce battle, Jordan was dead because of covering for him. But he never forgot their promise.

For 40 years, he just set in the crossroad and waited for his battle companion. He wore the jersey for Jordan could find him at one sight they met. After the old man’s death, the local government collected this jersey in to the museum as a symbol of freedom and friendship. And this is also the spirit of America.

NFL Trends in China for Those Fans or to Be a Fan

NFL Live Show in China was first introduced on CCTV 5 in 2004. Ten years passed, there’re more than 4 millions youth and adults has become the NFL fans. It was hard, compared to NBA’s popularity in China now. But also hard to predict the NFL future status in China. There’re increasingly more and more fans to discuss the NFL sports on Weibo, twitter and facebook domestically. Also the NFL company is ambitious on promoting for its Chinese market, while they invite some famous NFL stars to come to China and see with fans. You can see many fans wearing NFL jerseys China on street when the day comes on court.

Now some Chinese start to playing American football in a more softer way, as born from fierce NFL game from USA adjusted for more accordingly played in another country people’s body, culture. Now more and man people in China like the sports, especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou. If you live out of these cities, you can rarely see such games or wearings in NFL Jerseys Cheap.

As the NFL sports allocation marketshare of all sports is less than 10% of NBA marketshare, the NFL centre in American are figuring some way out to change this situation. This change is slow and step by step, since most of the local people cant accept easily a new ball, a new way of acting and playing ball on hand, and running so fast. So many body-touch game is fewly happened in sports welcomed by Chinese. It’s crazy for them and they only just want to see it on TV, as they see boxing games on TV.

However, the introduction of NBA games to Chinese was also a tough project with same beginning. Finding out an appropriate way more is the key what the managing department of the NFL should do.