The American NFL Team – Dalls Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys was formed in 1960s, and it was call the American team of  NFL due to its comprehensive performance on stadium and sports culture.

The Cowboys own a biggest sports stadium among all NFL teams’, while it has seats available for 80 thousands audience. The spelendid playground see through Cowboys’ performance year by year, with the Cowboys’ struggle time, winning moment and frustrated occurings of Wholesale NFL Jerseys.

The Cowboys is the best of best, no matter in architeture, wire communications and design. The human resource allocates well for different positions, including coach, coordinators, players and assistants.  It has enrolled in super bowl for eight times and become the championship for five times. The texas people are so proud of them, especially the Dallas citizens.

As a mid-age team of NFL, it’s location moved to Irving of South California in 1971 without the change of its name in Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale.

If you are one time involved in Texas stadium, you could feel that the biggest LED score board, 2800 cameras, all wireless connections in person. It’s a calssic, professional and technical based team.

Team color: Blue metallic, silver Royal, white

Owner: Jerry Jones

Head coach: Gareth Jason (Jarrett Jason)

Star figures: Tony. Romo Tony Romo quarterback (QB) 9, Terrel Owens Terrell Owens (WR), 81, Roy Williams, Roy Williams cornerback (CB) 31, Dezi Bryant (Dez Bryant), took over (WR), No. 88