New NFL Team Houston Texans

In March 2nd, 2000, the team announced the 5 alternative names including: Apollo, red cat, stallion, Texans and Charlotte. A month later, the team is preparing for the three selected from Apollo, and Texans and Charlotte. Finally after a lot of thought, the team decided to use the name of the Texans in Wholesale NFL Jerseys, while in September 2000 in a business district of Houston to decide the team’s color and the team marked as a series of screening.

The Texans on 2002 started official competition, but still haven’t reached the semi-finals of the super bowl.

The team was owned by Robert McNair (RobertMcNair) and has a value of up to $800 Million.

Year of establishment: 1999/10/6

Join NFL year: 2002

In the super bowl.

The National Rugby League Championship: -

Super Bowl champion: -

Record of victory or defeat: 32-64-0 (.333)

Stadium: ReliantStadium

Team color: Battlered, deepsteelblue, Libertywhite

Owner: Robert McNair

Head coach: Gary Kubiak (GaryKubiak)

Although the Houston Texans has not been built for a long time, the team have many outstanding players. Since they havent entered playoff games, the Texans have never win a super bowl championship, which is a pity to be compensated in future. Houston Texas is a hot team and win a lot of NFL fans supporting for the players and the team which have a positive happily circumstance. I love Houston Texans in Cheap NFL Jerseys.