Miami Dolphins NFL Team Prepared to Win Championship

The Miami Dolphins are a professional football franchise located in Miami, as a memberof AFC in NFL. The Dolphins team was founded by a politician and an actor. And they began to play in AFC in 1966. For begining, the Dolphines didnt have facilities for trainning and exercise and they used a school’s facilities. Later on in 1970, the Dolphines joined the NFL after merged of Cheap NFL Jerseys China.

The Dolphines had a perfect season between 1970-1974, when they won the AFC championship for 3 times. They had good performance on regular season  and finally won the NFL super bowl championship in 1973. After the championship years (1975–1982), the Dolphines teammates got some injuries and they didnt move into playoffs.  Because of such unexpectations, the Dolphines endured a plaint season. Until the Dan Marino era came, they entered furtuer and were more close to championship while their competing rivals wear so strong and hard to beat. Post-Marino period (2000–2011), the Dolphines was introduced a new coach who lead them two beat and lost games from 2000 to 2005. Tannehill Era (2012–present) comes, they move into a new era with new players traded in. In 2013, they replaced a new manager and again lost the playoffs.

The Dolphines’ training places were flexible during early years, while now they move to Davie.The Dolphins spent more than two years and over $400 million on a major overhaul to Sun Life Stadium. Every seat has been replaced and the lower level seats have been moved closer to the field. There will be roughly 10,000 fewer seats with Wholesale NFL Jerseys China.

In total, the Miami Dolphines have won 2 championship of Super Bowl and 5 times of AFC championship.