Chicago Bears NFL Team – A Glorious Past

Chicago Bears was founded in 1919 in Illinois, having won 9 championship and 1 super bowl. The Bears also won some top records on regular season and playoff victories than other franchise.

In the name of power, the Bear beat most of rivals as they do in long term rivalry with Green Bay Packers. Located in Chicago center, the Bears now have so many audience around the United States. The Bears have some divisional rivals, such as Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, and Detroit Lions. Also, the other historical rivals includes Arizona Cardinals, in Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Cleveland Browns, and Newyork Gaints, etc.

The Bears’ players played so wonderful on games that they get many records and beatiful statistics in history and at present, including the most consecutive games palyed in Bears from Steve McMichael, palying 186 for 12 years from Payton, and scoring the most points in his ten year career by Kevin Butler, etc. In 2012, Also against the Titans, Chicago became the first team in league history to score a touchdown pass, a touchdown run, an interception return for a touchdown, and a blocked kick/punt for a score in the same quarter.

You can list so many records of the Bears making, while the efforts put in by the players are also so huge. The Bears not only leads all teams in playgrounds, but also leads the trends in popular American culture. According to the Bears’ people model, a film was casted to say the story of the team and some players’ life of Wholesale NFL Jerseys China. Also during the Bears’ sports career, several songs to reveal the team’s history and circumstance as a musical rap culture.

All these film logo or music logo to present, is to show the Chicago Bears’ success on the sports field and to demenstrate the American culture spreading via palyers and fans’ altogther support.