Minnesota Vikings Move on to Go Further on NFL Matches

Minnesota Vikings are a professional American football team built in 1960, as a member of NFC. In 2012, they moved to a new stadium, which are expected to open in 2016 season. They walk a long way to become professional. So many things need to deal with, including players admitting, training coach to decide the right person, and the investment from outside(NFL Jerseys China).

In the beginning of 1960s, Minnesota Vikings won a biggest percentage of games with good performance. There’re so big amount of attendance of audience watching each game at that time. They started to build up the team with best potential players while they also traded some unpowerful palyers to other teams. In 1970s, they continued to dominate the most games, reaching to playoffs and some known players won MVP personally which means the whole team play so well. In 1980s, they moved to a new facility while then the coach was change to the other one and also some more palyers wear coming in and out. In 1990s, the Vikings came back to playoffs with better performance with new coach than before.

In the early 2000s, the Vikings won a divisional championship. Their players had good stastics shown on most of games although they hardly hadnt entered playoffs. In 2009, it came to The Brett Favre Era, who signed a two year deal with the Vikings with so much paid in big amount. Even though they did not come futher to playoffs after some many games defeated by rivals in Cheap NFL Jerseys China.

Presently, the vikings is on its way to build a more powerful team with wise coach. They wear purple jerseys, and we will remember them all.