Nearly half of NFL athletes have brain injury


According to Agence France Presse reported and academic institutions in the United States a 40 retired football player in research show that 43% of their brain damage. Cheap nfl jerseys china wholesale This once again raise the impact on human health and the long-term effects of attention.The study looked at 40 retired American Professional Football League (NFL) players, and their thinking and memory tests, as well as brain scans. Francis Konidi, a medical school at the Florida State University, led the study. He said: “this is the largest study of the NFL retired athletes who are still alive, but also for the first time to put forward a more obvious evidence of brain injury.” He said: “the proportion of injured brain damage is much higher than the general population.”

Football is a process of intense competition, blocking, intercepting and collision is a indispensable part of the game, it can also be said to be a major feature of American football. In order to protect the player’s security and avoid delay game players because of injuries, NFL and NCAA require all players must wear appropriate and legitimate protector “, will be able to play. In 1900 before playing American football players mostly according to the individual need, just in front of the shoulders, or thigh plug piece of cloth as a mat, all kinds of strange equipped with have. With the evolution of the rules of the game, the use of protective gear each year is different.These 40 athletes from 27 to 56 years old, the average time in the NFL for 7 years. Wholesale NFL Jerseys China The results of this study will undoubtedly give NFL an embarrassing. While American football is one of the most popular sports in the United States, NFL has been blamed for the lack of effective protection for athletes.


All for Super Bowl – A NFL Jerseys Wholesaler in USA

There are so many NFL Team and Fans across USA all states. The Superbowl are hold in February each year, while actually there’re so many audience in regular seasons for each teams. The 2016 Superbowl would show the Broncos and the Panthers’ competition in San Fransisco in 49ers’ home court.

Since 1980s, the Superbowl mid-rest time show would start with a theme. Since 1990, the show started to act regarding of pop-music. Especially in 1993, the Michael Jackson’s show let us feel unforgetable. In the recent past, there’re some more superstars in Cheap NFL Jerseys China, such as Beyonce, U2, Modana, etc.

The interval show has been a tradition of NFL, to attract more people come to court which also stands for American pop culture. It has won more than more than 100 million audience during the interval musical show, and leads the American music trends.

Why Superbowl attrack so many people even more than Oskar? The key reason lies in that it combines the competition, and entertainment altogether peferctly which let all the old and young, women and men combines. At the begining, the Superbow was not so charming as to MLB, or NCAA. Until the presence of TV, Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap  in 1955 the NFL signed contract with NBC that pushed the NFL sports as to reach much more audience than other sports in USA.

As to mention the impact of NFL Superbowl, one direct impression is that the advertisment fees is the highest that 3.5 million dollars for 30 seconds. Under the managemnt of NFL club, the Superbowl would go on to dominate the most welcomed sports in USA. We can not only call Super Bowl as a sports game, but more precisely a wild party nationally.