Development of NFL team

In league meetings prior to the 1933 season, three new teams, the Pirates, the Cincinnati Reds and the Eagles, were admitted to the NFL. Then teams were then in the NFL and, at George Preston Marshall’s urging, with Halas’ support, NFL was reorganized into an Eastern Division and a Western Division. In the Eastern Division were the Philadelphia Eagles, Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Giants, Boston Redskins, and the Pittsburgh Pirates. In the Western Division were the Chicago Bears, Portsmouth Spartans, Chicago Cardinals, Green Bay Packers, and the Cincinnati Reds. Furthermore, the two owners convinced the league to have the two division winners meet in a NFL Championship Game.

By 1934, all of the small-town teams, with the exception of the Green Bay Packers, had moved to or been replaced by teams in big cities, and even Green Bay had begun to play a portion of its home schedule in much larger Milwaukee for more support (a practice they continued well into the 1990s). In 1941, the corporate headquarters moved from Columbus, Ohio to Chicago. During the early years of the league, rather than coming up with original team names, many NFL teams simply chose the name of the Major League Baseball team in the same city. Thus the Pittsburgh Steelers were the “Pittsburgh Pirates” for the first seven years of existence and other teams such as the Brooklyn Dodgers, Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds, Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees, Washington Senators and Buffalo Bisons all represented the NFL at one time or another.

An annual draft of college players was first held in 1936. The first televised NFL game was on October 22, 1939 in a game the Eagles lost 23-14 to the host Dodgers at Ebbets Field. It was during this era, however, that the NFL became segregated: there were no black players in professional football in the United States between 1933 and 1945, mainly due to the influence of George Preston Marshall, who entered the league in 1932 as the owner of the Boston Braves. Other NFL owners emulated Marshall’s whites-only policy to mollify southern fans, and even after the NFL’s color barrier had been broken in the 1950s, Marshall’s Washington Redskins remained all-white until forced to integrate by the Kennedy administration in 1962.  Despite his bigotry, Marshall was selected as a charter member of the NFL-inspired Pro Football Hall of Fame, primarily for the numerous innovations (fixed schedules, separate conferences and championship games) Marshall encouraged during his time in the league.

About National Football League

NFL was founded in the name of American Professional Football Association on 20th,Aug 1920.Then,the pre-name was changed to National Football League on 28th,Jan 1922.
NFL comprises of 32 teams which are from different regions and cities from United States. This union is including American Football Conference and National Football Conference.
American football is a kind of fierce match, so it’s very necessary to keep some equipments from being hurt during the match.Stop,intercept and collision will happen in every match, so that every player is requested suitable protectors to keep security.They are helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads,gloves,hip pads, thigh pads,knee pads,cleats,uniform and football.

The pre president was Paul Tagliabue. Current president is Roger Goodall.Anyway,both of them have made great contribution for NFL and players.Also,lots of people around the world can enjoy their life better because of these two guys and NFL.NFL bring too much happiness for the human beings.

NFL sports company put more advertising costs on promoting since the beginning. The fierce sports type fits American more than other sports, so it’s the most welcome one. The teams of NFL developed more and more as the time goes, since in each state of USA there’re increasingly people become fans. We would see that on live court, that the audience are so crazy about the matches.
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NFL Trends in China for Those Fans or to Be a Fan

NFL Live Show in China was first introduced on CCTV 5 in 2004. Ten years passed, there’re more than 4 millions youth and adults has become the NFL fans. It was hard, compared to NBA’s popularity in China now. But also hard to predict the NFL future status in China. There’re increasingly more and more fans to discuss the NFL sports on Weibo, twitter and facebook domestically. Also the NFL company is ambitious on promoting for its Chinese market, while they invite some famous NFL stars to come to China and see with fans. You can see many fans wearing NFL jerseys China on street when the day comes on court.

Now some Chinese start to playing American football in a more softer way, as born from fierce NFL game from USA adjusted for more accordingly played in another country people’s body, culture. Now more and man people in China like the sports, especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou. If you live out of these cities, you can rarely see such games or wearings in NFL Jerseys Cheap.

As the NFL sports allocation marketshare of all sports is less than 10% of NBA marketshare, the NFL centre in American are figuring some way out to change this situation. This change is slow and step by step, since most of the local people cant accept easily a new ball, a new way of acting and playing ball on hand, and running so fast. So many body-touch game is fewly happened in sports welcomed by Chinese. It’s crazy for them and they only just want to see it on TV, as they see boxing games on TV.

However, the introduction of NBA games to Chinese was also a tough project with same beginning. Finding out an appropriate way more is the key what the managing department of the NFL should do.

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