James Harden as a Potential Superstar of NBA

Born in Los Angeles, James Harden entered the local high school and went to Arizona State University and started to play professional games then, with a 1.96m height and left-handed. His jersey number is 13. Although not having won a MVP or NBA championship, James Harden plays so well for the recent seasons. Average more than 20 points; he shoots with a high rate of being in basket. Additionally, he leads the team to play aggressively with teamwork, strategies, and strong body type.

One word to describe him precisely is professional; he played some seasons in Thunders while he didn’t fully show his personality and ability. After enrolling in Houston Rockets, Harden represent a good show in the whole season with a big beard. Houston Rockets continue to lead in a not so good position before playoffs. Harden control the basketball for most of time when offence. His ability is comprehensive, with crossover and quick shot combined. He is the superstar for Houston Rockets fans who also wear a big beard to stadium seats.

Adidas found this great potential player and signed contracts with him for some year’s team. This motivates him to perform better. Harden is unique not only with his big beard, but also on his performance on court and off court.
After Kobe, Iverson, Tmac times, Harden is a good choice to be an idol. He played from bench players, and he is so talented from his left hand born gesture. I don’t think he is any some more inferior to the MVP. Maybe Harden is considerate on getting too many points, although we can see he gained 51 points for one game. His career also includes the Olympic Games selected as a player for two times, that we can consider from the limited selection from all NBA players. Outstanding performance also showed in All-star games for more than 2 times, starting with second boarded players.

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