Different Skin Colour, Same Best Player and Jersey!

As a common sense, we know that there are different colour players in the NBA court, there are all making the same excellent moment and respected and loved by their supporters and fans. So is their jerseys.

The first one was Garnett, black colour. “Never give up on life,” his mother’s warning was Garnett’s creed. When he was young, he slept with basketball at three in the morning and appeared at nine in the morning. He represented the bulwark swept all the school near the high school. He went to a park in Chicago and played in a park. His fire scorching heat. You cannot imagine how this frail body carries so much passion. When it comes to basketball, he is like a screaming, overdraft life rock musicians. It was not his spider-like length that pushed him along, but the courage near naive and reckless. Because everything he had was taken from the hands of fate. As a result, he will not to yield a step of fate. That’s why I love his jersey.

This is perhaps the worst physical fitness MVP in NBA history. Strength, jumping, antagonism seems all to have missed Nash, it is doomed to the white man that he cannot to be a defender, but when mentioned the best NBA guard in the first 10 years of 21th Century, people point Kidd then always add “there still be Steve Nash”. 18 years occupation career, 10000 assists, 5 king of assists, 2 MVP trophy, 8 All Star, and the excellent “180 club”; As a totem of Phoenix Suns over the years, Nash tells people by the fact that the skin colour isn’t everything in NBA. And that’s my dream to own his jersey.

This is another fast forgotten name – Stoudemire. But just a few seasons ago, he was still the most powerful Forward in the league. This is a player who has been selected for enrolling the best team in the league, and has been selected into the All Star for 6 time by the age of 29. In Phoenix, he will always be the best partner of Nash, It is often seen for his violent vibration buckle accompanied by Nash’s great pass. Maybe it is the New York and knee injury who has ruined Stoudemire, but it is undeniable that in the past 10 years, “Little Bully” is absolutely the most reliable player inside of Phoenix Suns.

So, Garnet, Nash and Stoudemire’s jersey and style, which one do you love most?

A Report from a Student Who Designed NBA Jersey

As a student major in the fashion design, from my perspective there is nothing more meaningful and interesting to design a clothes that has no equal in this world. However, I know that it is a long way to go. So I want to be inspired to a certain extent, to design a NBA jersey.

For one thing, I design this jersey is out of some reason. We are totally acknowledged that one period is exactly corresponding to one type sculpture as well as one style clothing and gradually, as we all known, becoming a kind of era characteristic or even representative in the angle of view of our modern people. Here comes a question: why this particular objective becomes a trend of that time? Obviously, the particular one can’t be just appeared with one single competitors. On the contrary, there must be in an incredible numbers who are trying to be a trend of the day. But they failed except the only one who we know and learn nowadays. Seriously speaking, the lesson here is hard to tell, but we at least acquire a little, namely, to cater to people’s taste of the day. That is to say, when we are supposed to design a dress, one important thing we must consider is the time background of that clothing. For instance, when you are living in a city full of high buildings and modern cars, you then can never have such a plan to design a clothes suitable for the ancient dynasties. What I am trying to say here is, it is reasonable to do something in tune with the times.

For another thing, through the process I designed the jersey I realize one crucial thing we need to focus on, that is, to make good use of human’s psychology and habit. Most time people’s judge to a clothing depends on many elements such as the light, visual angle, and first impression, definitely it is both related to human’s psychic effect and daily habit. We are just not to mislead people by taking advantage of such properties but to improve our works in different ways. Let me set an event as an example, once the non-mainstream things like the blast hair, bell-bottomed pants and so on are regarded as the symbol of the rebel youth or bad guys.

However, as time goes, non-mainstream has become popular and fashionable all over the world, so does my jersey. Frankly speaking, it is concerned about the change of people’s concept, but we have to admit that the guy who tries to change people’s concept must have paid much attention to the psychology controlling. We can’ t judge it right or wrong, but at least the non-mainstream objectives must be improved subtly in some respects along with people’s concept change.

Maybe my report is not the most wonderful one, but I have quite learnt a lot in the process of jersey designing. Designing a good jersey is never an easy thing, I’ve been always looking for my own way and going better and better in the future.