NFL super bowl classic moment of Celebration in 2016

Last week, NFL announced the first fiftieth Super Bowl halftime show guest performers, seven time winner Coldplay Grammy. The British new generation band in the outstanding representative of the Beijing time in February 8, 2016, the 50 super bowl on the stage, for the world audience dedicated to a top sports entertainment audio-visual feast. As is known to all, the super bowl is one of the highest rated single episode television programs in the United States each year of Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale from China.

In the United States, the number of Super Bowl ratings high, more than the Major Sports League finals, the Oscar ceremony, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games and Grammy awards. In addition to Coldplay, Michael – Jackson, U2, Madonna, Beyonce, Perry, brother of mars…… Many world-renowned stars have a voice on the stage in the super bowl. At the same time, with their own performances, also constantly enrich the forms of the Super Bowl halftime show, a profound change in the temperament style. Let us review the history of the classic Super Bowl halftime show moment!When the super bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs to 23 to 7 victory over the Minnesota Vikings won the championship. Hollywood best supporting actress nomination Qian Ning witnessed the first star in the history of the show, after the 3 session of the show, the guests were served by the University band.

It is worth mentioning that, after 2 years, the money will be better with the wife of Ella, once again boarded the stage of the show.When the super bowl, the Dallas cowboys to 52 than 17 victory over Buffalo Bill won the championship. Halftime show, Michael Jackson in 3500 adolescents surrounded by singing the classic “heal the world”, Los Angeles Rose Bowl Stadium witnessed the classic moonwalk. Thanks to Jackson Michael’s classic performance, the super bowl’s ratings have increased by 8.6% over the previous year. Wholesale NFL Jerseys China And Jackson Michael to NFL and super bowl of change, has surpassed the performance itself.

The Past of Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders is a professional team located in California, belonging both to AFC and NFL.

At the begining of the Raiders’ season in 1963, the head coach David guided them to grow up to a very high level although they did not won the Super Bowl championship title.

During the 1970s, the Raiders won a great success which included six division titles and six AFC championship attendance.In 1980, the Raiders got a NFL championship unexpectedly. Two years later, the franchise relocated to Los angels. While duing the following season, the Raiders were not so lucky both on and off field until 1990.

During the 2000s, the Raiders experienced an up and down period, while it didnt perform well enough to get a title.

Today the Oakland Raiders have won so many fans across the world. They all come to the stadium to support their team from far away, wearing Oakland Cheap NFL Jerseys China to show their personality.

Let’s start to imagine the future of the Raiders. Obviously it needs a new head coach to guide, and more funds nee to invest on the players’ enrollment. Based on the teams’ capability, they should trade in some powerful quaterback, center, and forward,etc.

To start over? We need to know some rivalry of the Raiders. Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Briefly, the first one is the division rivals with Broncos. The second one is the geographic rivals with San Francisco Bay. The third one is a historic rival with New England.

Those Championship Title for Seattle Seahawks NFL Teams

The Seattle Seahaws was founded in 1974 located in Washington, and it joined to NFL in 1976. It belongs to the west division of  American Football League after the club’s repositioning.  It was built up by some local businessman and politicians, under the occasion that the NFL club was intened to expand the whole team members from 26 ones to 28 teams.  The original name Seattle Kings was changed to Seattle Seahaws in 1974 from the citizens’ votes .

Since 1982, the Seahaws came into the Chuck Knox era, who was the head coach of the team. In 1983, the Seahaws forwarded to playoffs, but not entered to the finals. In 1984, the Seahaws changed the strategies of palying balls from defense to more offense. In these two years, the head coach was selected to the most valuable coach among American teams. In 1986, the Seahaws did not go into the playoffs with losing so many games. In 1987, the Seahaws get into the playoffs while in the next year they won the divisional championship of Wholesale NFL Jerseys China.

Since 1990, the Seahaws entered a disordered era during which they changed the coach and traded some players and picked up some others from NFL draft. Before Paul Allen’s dominance of the team, the previous owner Ken Behring made some stupid decisions on personel human resources. Although with Allen’s assistance, the Seahaws’ status of performing didnt rise up clearly with few decisions well on new teammates’ enrollment.

Since 1999, it came to the Mike Holmgren era, who taugh the team to play in a increasingly well-performed way to win the divisional championship.

Since 2002, the Seahaws recovered to come back to NFL members from AFL, while in 2004 they won the first west division championship of NFL. While in the nexe year 2005, the Seahaws firstly moved into Super Bowl in which the referee’s judgement on the game is unfair to the team members and they lost the game finally.

Later on it came to Pete Carroll era, with Cheap NFL Jerseys China who did a lot of changes on the personel arrangment out of expectations.

The Seahawks belongs to Paul Allen who was the founder of Microsoft since 1997. Seahaws had been enrolled to Super Bowl for three time in 2005, 2013, 2014 respectively. In 2013, the Seattle Seahaws finally won the Super Bowl Championship, which was a peak age of the team.

San Diego Chargers – A Controversial NFL Team

The San Deigo Chargers NFL team was founded in 1961 which its location was in Los Angels since  ending of 2015. And now the Chargers would move to LA again. The name of San Diego Chargers was born by voting from thousands of fans and citizens.

In 1961, the Chargers won the AFL championship. And in 1980s period, the team entered the playoffs and have a wonderful performance, while only get the second place of the  Cheap Jerseys  China Union competition.

In the beginning of 1990s, the Chargers wear on the boundary of AFC championship of western divisional conferance. With several times’ change on head coach, the Chargers was on a swing period and was eliminated by rivals almost all at key matches.

From 1996-2003, there’re also some personnel changes on players and head coaches. And the murder accidents happened unexpectedly. The quaterback, and running back players was traded and picked up around in NFL draft. The mind of the crew changed, on envision that not a bright future would come and the former assistant coach  was raised to be the head coach after outsourcing from university with no good results.

In 2004, the Elie Manning was planned by the team to go into the Chargers in the draft while Manning demonstraed clearly his intension of not willingness of the Chargers. The team then put an eye to the alternative  Phillip Rivers who was a coached player of the present coach. Rivers signed a six-year contract with the Chargers while he did not play for most of the time employed. But another QB was replaced as the starter, named Breeds, who was assigned the NFL Comeback Player of The Year in 2004.

In 2006, the Chargers had a good performance with few losses. This statastics came along until 2009.

Moving with struggles into 2012, the Chargers went on with injuries of Wholesale NFL Jerseys China , lack of confidence and other mental lackness on sports. They came to a new ear since 2013, making offseason changes on personel.

In 2015-2016, the Chargers was filed to relocated to Los Angels, under the price of losing billions of funds from goverment. They Move on and on.

Miami Dolphins NFL Team Prepared to Win Championship

The Miami Dolphins are a professional football franchise located in Miami, as a memberof AFC in NFL. The Dolphins team was founded by a politician and an actor. And they began to play in AFC in 1966. For begining, the Dolphines didnt have facilities for trainning and exercise and they used a school’s facilities. Later on in 1970, the Dolphines joined the NFL after merged of Cheap NFL Jerseys China.

The Dolphines had a perfect season between 1970-1974, when they won the AFC championship for 3 times. They had good performance on regular season  and finally won the NFL super bowl championship in 1973. After the championship years (1975–1982), the Dolphines teammates got some injuries and they didnt move into playoffs.  Because of such unexpectations, the Dolphines endured a plaint season. Until the Dan Marino era came, they entered furtuer and were more close to championship while their competing rivals wear so strong and hard to beat. Post-Marino period (2000–2011), the Dolphines was introduced a new coach who lead them two beat and lost games from 2000 to 2005. Tannehill Era (2012–present) comes, they move into a new era with new players traded in. In 2013, they replaced a new manager and again lost the playoffs.

The Dolphines’ training places were flexible during early years, while now they move to Davie.The Dolphins spent more than two years and over $400 million on a major overhaul to Sun Life Stadium. Every seat has been replaced and the lower level seats have been moved closer to the field. There will be roughly 10,000 fewer seats with Wholesale NFL Jerseys China.

In total, the Miami Dolphines have won 2 championship of Super Bowl and 5 times of AFC championship.