Black Horse in NBA and Their Jerseys

There is always black horse in NBA, but the following one must be the most famous.

As people said, never laugh at Barkley who loves to talk boast. His career as a player is quite brilliant. In 1993, he led the Suns played the best score in team history record and beat Jordan and won the MVP of regular season. In the playoffs, facing with so many Western best players, Barkley beat Olajuwon and Malone successively and won the 44+24 scores in single game in the Seattle home court, in the final his score in average court was 28+14, which was as best as Jordan. Even he was defeated, he was honoured as well. His jersey is one of most cool.

He is the first NBA player who’s from the French, also the first MVP in the history of foreign finals. He became the champion team’s starting point guard at 21, but he was so low-key. Toni Parke’s notice is always lower than Paul who’s in the same period; even in the Spurs, his light was also covered by Buddha. His growing-up always accompanies with doubt. People laughed at Parke’s shot, but they did not know the 1.88-height French was the king of score in inside line. 5 times in the All Star, 3 times won championship, please remember this “French small sports car” who’s never slowing down, the best point guard of the Spurs in the past 10 years. Have you collected his jersey?

He led the team into the finals, losing the game and watching his opponent win the trophy with tears in his eyes. He won MVP, but was knocked out by black eight in the first round of the playoffs. But no one thought that 5 years later, the brave Germans would be standing in the Finals again, and defeated the so-called “big three” rival, completed self-redemption. He is from Germany, not the black, but the Mavericks is known as “the history of the first king”.

He kept NBA’s youngest record in the League. He was the leader of the Indiana, but before he was selected to the All Star for 6 consecutive years has played a full 4 years substitute; he worked in the MVP list of the top three, but damn injuries but find him; Indiana fans miss O’Neal, as their “hero city” miss Miller. Admittedly, this is the best insider player. He is also the black horse in NBA history, and his jersey is also the most popular.