Jerseys and Dreams

Everyone who loves basketball has a basketball hero in the heart! Just like the poem: I am the wind, flying on the boundless sea and sky, let the hero charm, bring you to the vast sky. But without the love for the jersey, maybe you will fall down in the dream track!

As a result, every basketball enthusiast must the lover of the jersey! Every basketball fan must have a good basketball jersey as his collections! Just like Michael Jordan—the legend of basketball, wearing the number 23 shirt of God , it is said he was able to reach such a high level all thanks to his shirt jersey! Wearing the No. 23 Michael Jordan shirt, then you can ride the court under his leading – Michael Jordan’s shirt, which will take you to a more vast expanse of heaven and earth! Even reaching the shores of dreams!

For every basketball fan, their love for basketball can be crazy. What would you think if you gave a basketball fan gift? Basketball, basketball shoes? It’s too vulgar! For dreams, just send him jerseys! For example, your friend loves the German tank Nowitzki and believe his charm is unstoppable. So I’m sure your friend’s love for you must be unstoppable once he sees Nowitzki’s No. 41 shirt! Think about that, in the course of basketball, let your friends’ enthusiasm like Nowitzki’s fire up! Put on the Nowitzki 41 shirt, just as there’s a leader Nowitzki in front of you, let you run in the basketball dream and get closer and closer to the dream of the other side! Then what are you waiting for?!

As a loyal basketball fans, what you need most is not a basketball, not shoes, but a jersey which has a number of your own idol! As long as you have an idol’s dress, you can say you are qualified to be your idol’s fan! If you don’t already have one, you should buy one as soon as possible!

For example, if your idol is Maddie, then you must not miss this Maddie No.1 shirt jersey! Wear it, special fabrics, high-tech processing, so that every pore of your skin feel more comfortable! Let your face glow, going toward the goal with Maddie’s senseless spirit and surging enthusiasm! Constantly surpass yourself! Continue to exceed the limit! Make a wing of dream for yourself to the future and sail to the other side of the ideal! Let your inner bud grow into the ideal big tree and bear fruitful fruit! What are you waiting for?