Detroit Lion’s Short History on NFL Sports – To Be Continued

The Detriot Lions are founded in 1930 in Michigan, as a member of north division of the NFC. The former name of the Lions was Spartons Portsmouth, according to its location.

The first playoff game was started in 1932 by two member teams, one was the Spartons and the other was the Chicago Bears. The team was bought by George Richard in 1934 and then moved the team to Detriot Cheap NFL Jerseys China.

In 1942s, the Lions’ offense was so bad that they scored few points for most of games, ever worse at the latter of the 1940s. While in 1950s, the Lions won a great success and made it to first NFL championship in 17 years, defeated Cleveland Browns, Sanfransico 49ers, etc. In 1958, after 3 champinship of the Lions, they traded Bobby Layne who was injuried in the last championship season and leaving for Pittsburgh. In 1960s, the Lions defeated the Browns in the first-ever Playoff  Bowls which was later abolished. At the meantime, the Lions’ story was written in a book written by George literature.

In 1970s, the Lions introduced the singer Marvin Gaye to play in the game due to his partner’s death. And the wide receiver Chuck Hugher collapsed and die for a massive heart attach on the court which became the first case of players dying on the field.

In 1980s, under the leading of Billy Sims, wholesale nfl jerseys china the Lions appeared on playoff ground since 1982 and 1983 consecutively. He was then injured in 1984 with a deadly suffering, and the Lions brought another QB guru to replace him.

To be continued

Those Championship Title for Seattle Seahawks NFL Teams

The Seattle Seahaws was founded in 1974 located in Washington, and it joined to NFL in 1976. It belongs to the west division of  American Football League after the club’s repositioning.  It was built up by some local businessman and politicians, under the occasion that the NFL club was intened to expand the whole team members from 26 ones to 28 teams.  The original name Seattle Kings was changed to Seattle Seahaws in 1974 from the citizens’ votes .

Since 1982, the Seahaws came into the Chuck Knox era, who was the head coach of the team. In 1983, the Seahaws forwarded to playoffs, but not entered to the finals. In 1984, the Seahaws changed the strategies of palying balls from defense to more offense. In these two years, the head coach was selected to the most valuable coach among American teams. In 1986, the Seahaws did not go into the playoffs with losing so many games. In 1987, the Seahaws get into the playoffs while in the next year they won the divisional championship of Wholesale NFL Jerseys China.

Since 1990, the Seahaws entered a disordered era during which they changed the coach and traded some players and picked up some others from NFL draft. Before Paul Allen’s dominance of the team, the previous owner Ken Behring made some stupid decisions on personel human resources. Although with Allen’s assistance, the Seahaws’ status of performing didnt rise up clearly with few decisions well on new teammates’ enrollment.

Since 1999, it came to the Mike Holmgren era, who taugh the team to play in a increasingly well-performed way to win the divisional championship.

Since 2002, the Seahaws recovered to come back to NFL members from AFL, while in 2004 they won the first west division championship of NFL. While in the nexe year 2005, the Seahaws firstly moved into Super Bowl in which the referee’s judgement on the game is unfair to the team members and they lost the game finally.

Later on it came to Pete Carroll era, with Cheap NFL Jerseys China who did a lot of changes on the personel arrangment out of expectations.

The Seahawks belongs to Paul Allen who was the founder of Microsoft since 1997. Seahaws had been enrolled to Super Bowl for three time in 2005, 2013, 2014 respectively. In 2013, the Seattle Seahaws finally won the Super Bowl Championship, which was a peak age of the team.

Unbeatable Carolina Panthers NFL Team

Generally the Carolina Panthers defens is unbeatable and the offense is balanced with power and techniques. The Carolina Panthers began to paly NFL in 1993, as the 29th team to enroll. They have won six divison titles, and broke though or keep some best regional records.

In 2010-2011, Cam Newton lead Auburm beat BAMA. It’s hard to say that the Carolina Panthers learned the lessons from last game match with Seahawks which eliminated the Carolina Panthers in next half with a crash. In the game Carolina Panthers to Cardinals, the defensive to Rush rival is too weak. Even worse, the quaterback Carson’s performance was a big strategy with 7 interceptions and 4 turnovers letting the rivalry to move on without borders.

Impressed by Cam Newton, his personal ability and state of mind wear both rising on. I see the regular season’s game on Carolina Panthers to Colts, I saw the Panther’s power and willingness, especially the Newtons’ mind status which showed some nervusness when they lose to game to Falcons. The whole team is confident, when we can see apparently that the Carolina Panthers took down the flag’s of Seahawks as an agressive debate.

To keep the good state of mind on courts, the palyers especially those on defense that they should perform so well as a basis. We can see the passion of Carolina Panthers’s games, due to its offense speed which is high enough to show the ethusiasum of NCAA football games

At home games, the atmosphere of game to Carolina Panthers has been described as comparable to that of other NFL teams, this might due to the passion of local people, and the related basketball fans introduced, and the many more immigrants from other cities.

Payton Manning of Denver Broncos NFL Team – Some Rivalry Across Time

The Denver Broncos began play NFL in 1960 as a member of AFC and join the NFL in 1970 as part of the merger. Totally the Broncos has won 8 AFC championship and two super bowl championship.

Two day ago the Broncos beat the New England in the finals and they would move on to super bowl game of cheap nfl jerseys china  in the coming February.

Payton Manning was traded to Denver from Indianapolis in 2012, making the two team as rivals for every meetings of games. The Broncos’ another longterm rivalry is New England Patriots, whose quarterback Tom Brady lost four games standing his own team to Payton Manning’s Broncos. It’s also a point to see the contradiction between two leading players and two team’s members on court.

In the early period, the Kanas City Chief was the rivalry of the Broncos, as performed a even equal record between them, 57-55. As to the Oakland Raiders, the rivalry was intensified due to the head coach, who was previously the coach of Raiders.The Seattle Seahawks also set up a rivalry with the Broncos since they did located in the same division.

However, although the San Diego Chargers had much less winning record than the Broncos of cheap nfl jerseys wholesale, the two team also had rivalry that might due to the outstanding quarterback Payton Manning’s overwhelming performance.

The one historical rivalry with Cleveland Browns was happend in 1980s era, when they met several time in AFC playoffs and championship with all wins of the Broncos. Interestingly the Dever would not win any games in Super Bowl after they beat the Browns.


San Diego Chargers – A Controversial NFL Team

The San Deigo Chargers NFL team was founded in 1961 which its location was in Los Angels since  ending of 2015. And now the Chargers would move to LA again. The name of San Diego Chargers was born by voting from thousands of fans and citizens.

In 1961, the Chargers won the AFL championship. And in 1980s period, the team entered the playoffs and have a wonderful performance, while only get the second place of the  Cheap Jerseys  China Union competition.

In the beginning of 1990s, the Chargers wear on the boundary of AFC championship of western divisional conferance. With several times’ change on head coach, the Chargers was on a swing period and was eliminated by rivals almost all at key matches.

From 1996-2003, there’re also some personnel changes on players and head coaches. And the murder accidents happened unexpectedly. The quaterback, and running back players was traded and picked up around in NFL draft. The mind of the crew changed, on envision that not a bright future would come and the former assistant coach  was raised to be the head coach after outsourcing from university with no good results.

In 2004, the Elie Manning was planned by the team to go into the Chargers in the draft while Manning demonstraed clearly his intension of not willingness of the Chargers. The team then put an eye to the alternative  Phillip Rivers who was a coached player of the present coach. Rivers signed a six-year contract with the Chargers while he did not play for most of the time employed. But another QB was replaced as the starter, named Breeds, who was assigned the NFL Comeback Player of The Year in 2004.

In 2006, the Chargers had a good performance with few losses. This statastics came along until 2009.

Moving with struggles into 2012, the Chargers went on with injuries of Wholesale NFL Jerseys China , lack of confidence and other mental lackness on sports. They came to a new ear since 2013, making offseason changes on personel.

In 2015-2016, the Chargers was filed to relocated to Los Angels, under the price of losing billions of funds from goverment. They Move on and on.